Technology Today!

Welcome to Connecting TSP. Our company specializes in providing and implementing high quality technical solutions for business and home users. Our services cross the boundaries of operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Mac as well as mobile and internet of things platforms like Android IOS and CentOS. Simply put every solution we provide is tailored to fit the need of the customer then implemented and supported by our in-house staff or passed along to your Managed Service Provider or internal IT Department for long term support. We have teams as small as 1 (with in house technical support) and as large as scale requires working with cross organizational teams to complete extremely large scale projects over miles and multiple locations. We recognize the need of every Managed Service Provider (MSP) IT Department and Customer to maintain the fidelity of their brand to their customers. As such we do not brand our technicians, products or services and provide seamless integration of our technicians into your teams. Our billing and scheduling fits your needs and ensures you always have control over the products and services you receive from us. We believe this is how technology services should be delivered in today’s modern environment and we strive to make sure that our product is the best so your users have the best experience possible.